Members & Visitors are required to comply with these rules.

circle_head1-Games Rule
    circle_head When other members are waiting, nobody should play more than 1 game at a time
Rallying of 10 minutes is count as one game
    circle_head Everyone leaves the court after one game, regardless of winning or losing
    circle_head A 5-minute break is required before jumping into another court, or
    circle_head Follow Rotation Scheme below when there is a clipboard hanging at each net stand
circle_headRotation Scheme
    circle_head Each member will get one name tag

    circle_head To get in line, PLACE your name tag in the WAIT LIST & move up when there is opening
    circle_head When in play, MOVE your name tag to the rectangular space in the IN COURT portion
    circle_head After one game, REMOVE your name tag as you come out of the court
    circle_head Before leaving the gym, TURN IN your name tag

circle_headSingles Play
    circle_head Singles play is allowed only when no others are waiting to use the court

circle_headObligations When You Bring a Friend
    circle_head Explain the club rules and membership structure to your friend before he/she plays 

   General courtesy is required .  Below are a few common things to watch out on the court:

circle_head Respect the court lines and walk outside of it when others are in the court.
    circle_head Refrain from any act which may hurt or injure others.
    circle_head Make an effort to aim when picking up the shuttlecork and hitting it to others.
    circle_head Avoid putting your body weight over the nets.
    circle_head We do not charge kids under 16 and they don't have full member rights
    circle_head Kids under age 8 are NOT allowed on the courts
    circle_head Kids under age 8 must be accompanied by adult at all times
    circle_head Kids between age 9 to16 can play on the court only when no one is waiting
    circle_head It is the parents' responsibility for the safety of the kids
circle_headCourt Setting at Neil Road Recreation Center
Court 1:  Beginners (Next to the stage)
    circle_head Court 2:  Beginners/Intermediate
    circle_head Court 3:  Intermediate/Advance
    circle_head Court 4:  Advance (Far inside at the West)

circle_headLaws of Badminton
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